Wine by the glass                                                          150ml         250ml


House white celine Pinot Gris                                                                                   $7                    $10

House Red Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon                                                    $7                    $10

Sparkling rose: Rivarose Non Vintage Brut France                                                  $9

Rose: Montrose Rose, Vin de Pays de Cotes de Thongue, France                          $8                    $12

Chardonnay: Hidden Crush Chardonnay 2014, Central Coast CA                            $8                    $12

Pinot Grigio: Benvolio 2013, Friuli Italy                                                                      $7                    $10

Sauvignon Blanc: Mason Cellars Pomelo 2014, California                                        $9                    $13

Riesling: Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl 2014, Washington                                            $9                    $14

Pinot Noir: Underwood 2014, Willamette Valley Oregon                                          $8                    $12

Cabernet Sauvignon: Sean Minor ‘Four Bears’ Paso Robles 2014, California          $10                   $15

Merlot: Cycles Gladiator 2014, Central Coast CA                                                     $9                     $14

Malbec: 19 Crimes                                                                                                     $7                     $10

Shiraz: Yalumba Patchwork 2013, Barossa, Australia                                               $12                    $18

Blend: La Posta 2013 Tinto (Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah), Argentina                              $11                     $16






Chandon Brut/Rose NV, Carneros California (300ml)                                                                       $15
Expresses flavor profile of apple, pear, citrus flavors & aromas, hint of spice, soft dry finish

Celler Vilafranca NV ‘Casteller’ Cava, Spain                                                                                    $32
Exhibits green apple and cirtrus aromas, citrus-lime

Collet Grand Art Champagne Ay France Non Vintage                                                                    $79
Fruity aromas, mineral overtones, well balanced, aged minimum of 4 years

Rivarose Non Vintage Brut Sparkling Rose, Provance France                                                        $39
Delicate rose texture, aromas of red fruits with a refreshing taste of citrus and a powerful finish




Montrose Rose, Vin de Pays de Cotes de Thongue, 2014, France                                                  $32
Exhibits red barriers and citrus flavors, elegant roundness balance

E. Guigal Côte Du Rhone Rose, 2014, France-                                                                                 $39
Fruity, round, elegant, notes of raspberry and red currant




Hidden Crush Chardonnay 2014, Central Coast California                                                              $32
Meyer lemon, orange blossom, balanced stone fruit flavors, well-integrated oak, a rich body and refreshing acidity

Cambria Bench Break Estate 2014, Santa Maria Valley CA                                                             $39
Lively fruit and oak spice aroma, citrus, pineapple, white peach and apple for clean fresh finish

Ferrari Carano Chardonnay 2014, Sonoma California                                                                     $55
Full-bodied, aromas of apple, orange blossom, pear, perfectly balanced and with lingering, creamy toasted oak notes


Pinot Grigio


Benvolio 2013, Friuli Italy                                                                                                                 $28
Vibrant on the palate, crisp acidity, with expression of peach, almond, and light floral

Alois Lageder "Riff" 2014, Italy                                                                                                         $32
Dry, crisp, nuances of apples and peaches, with a touch of minerality

Terre Gaie Claris 2014, Italy                                                                                                             $39
Fine and delicate aromas with a hint of spice, fresh & full-bodied


Sauvignon Blanc


Murphy Goode 2014 North Coast, Sonoma                                                                                       $29
All about the fruit spectrum from citrus to tropical, brought together in a focused matter, for crisp dry finish   

Mason Cellars Pomelo 2014, California                                                                                             $35
Refreshing, crisp, aromas of ruby grapefruit, and nuances of lime zest and passion fruit

Otto’s Constant Dream 2015, New Zealand                                                                                      $39
Smidgen of grass, fresh citrus, minerals and a note passion fruit


Pinot Gris


Kings Ridge 2014, Willamette Valley Oregon                                                                                    $32
Bright and refreshing white wine that brings flavors of lime, thyme and nectarine

Maryhill 2013 Columbia Valley Washington                                                                                       $29
Bright aromas of citrus and green apple softened by a waft of pear smells




Murphy’s law 2012, Washington                                                                                                        $29
Aromatics of peach, melon with Excellent texture and a lengthy finish

Bluefeld 2014, Germany                                                                                                                    $33
Offers crisp apple aromas and flavors with subtle mineral notes

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl 2014, Washington                                                                                 $36
Nuances of white peach, lime leaves, touch of sweetness and minerality


Pinot Noir


Underwood 2014, Willamette Valley Oregon                                                                                    $32
A vibrant and complex body, uniquely Oregon Pinot Noir                             

Vinum Cellars 2014, Monterey, California                                                                                         $36
Fruity, light, hints of sweet cherry, and clove

La Crema 2013, Monterey, California                                                                                               $49
Smooth and elegant, bright and Exotic. Fresh fruit with lingering finish


Cabernet Sauvignon


Greystone Cabernet 2013, California                                                                                              $32
Juicy plum fruit flavors and Oak highlights the mid-palate to finish with tobacco, vanilla and toasty notes

Sean Minor ‘Four Bears’ Paso Robles 2014, California                                                                   $39
Concentrated red fruit, floral and cedar aromas, soft tannin, sweet oak balance, lingering finish

Arrowood Estate 2012, Sonoma County, California                                                                        $59
Intense aromas of dark cherry and red plum, soft tannins with lingering red fruit finish

Stonestreet Estate 2012, Alexander Valley                                                                                     $79
Flavors of black cherry, plum and orange with bay leaf, tobacco and cocoa, staying balanced

Ridge 2014, Sonoma California                                                                                                       $160
Nose of briary blackberry, licorice and a touch of vinilla, well rounded of tannins




Cycles Gladiator 2014, Central Coast CA                                                                                        $36
Notes of black cherry, tea leaf and cedar aromatics, road flavors of dark fruits plums, blackberry and cherry

Raymond R Collection 2014, CA                                                                                                       $39
Well-structured and balanced, with hints of baked plum, Bing cherries, and a touch of earthiness




Secreto Malbec 2014, Chile                                                                                                                $39
Intensely violet in color, on the nose this wine exhibits classic Malbec notes of blueberry, black cherry and spices

19 Crimes 2015, South Eastern Australia                                                                                            $29
Displays ripe red fruit, luscious raspberry jam, touch of orange scented honey lead in to a long-lasting finish




Yalumba Patchwork 2013, Barossa, Australia                                                                                     $48
Full bodied, hints of dark cherry, dried herbs, and dark chocolate




La Posta 2013 Tinto (Malbec/Bonarda/Syrah), Argentina                                                                 $45
Aromas of red cherries and raspberries are infused with mocha and spice

Joel Gott 2013, California                                                                                                                 $48
Aromatics of mocha, roasted blue fruits, plums, and cherry spice, well-structured, firm tannins mid-palate

Ridge Three Valleys 2013 Sonoma California                                                                                  $75
Notes of blackberry & black cherry, licorice and a touch of vanilla, medium to full-bodied, well rounded tannin

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